About Us

The International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries (IJCCI) is organized by Institute of Creative Industries Design, National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan). This journal aims to provide its readers with scholarly works and dialogue related to issues concerning theoretical developments as well as professional practices in the field of cultural and creative industries (CCI). IJCCI will publish two regular issues and one special issue every year with each issue contains 6-8 refereed articles.


Focus and scopes

CCI is an emerging field of study which has its roots on human knowledge, culture, and creativity. The journal encourages original manuscripts with topics relevant to CCI and knowledge economy:

CCI development in global level through local practice: we encourage submissions which reflect the perspectives of Asian, Latin American, African, and Middle Eastern countries without limiting submissions from Europe and North America.

Holistic perspective on CCI from academic and industrial world: we welcome submissions from all disciplines and encourage the perspectives from art and humanity disciplines. We also welcome studies which portray the real practice directly from the CCI industries.

The views from various CCI sectors: we welcome all submissions related to all CCI sectors and strongly encourage works from the less-studied yet promising CCI fields, which include but not limited to design, cultural heritage, digital publishing, and craft.

Analytical perspectives: empirical research and practical insights from the industries are highlighted in this journal, without overlooking submissions which relate to CCI theoretical development.


Tracks of publication

IJCCI publishes two regular issues and one special issue each year containing 6-8 refereed articles in the following tracks:

Academic Research: manuscripts focusing on theoretical development and empirical research (6000-8000 words)

Industry Insight: case studies portraying the local industry practices (4000-6000 words)

Glocal Perspective:  local decisions, policies, actions that can provide enlightenment to the global development of cultural and creative industries (2000-4000 words) 


Copyright policy

The copyright of every article published in the International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries will be reserved by its author(s) and the journal holds the right for the first publication. All materials are available online and, unless explicitly stated, will be free for educational and non-commercial use.



ISSN: 2309-6640 (print)   2311-9527 (online)